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How to Get Started on BlurBay

How to Get Started on BlurBay

Are you an influencer, professional or an expert in a specific field? Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to start selling your courses, masterclasses or videos online?

Welcome to BlurBay – your easiest way for setting up a business page and selling courses and masterclasses online.

Let’s go over with a step by step guide on how to start selling via BlurBay.


First and foremost. It’s time to sign up and start customising your profile.

Hello from BlurBay

This stage is all about picking a catchy username, introducing yourself and what you do. The more information you provide, the more your potential customer will get to know you and the easier your profile will be found on search engines like Google.

Next step is all about “the looks”. It’s time to upload your profile and cover photo (include specs). We recommend following suggested sizing, and consider the fact that your image will be optimized on mobile screens.

Contact section is literally your business card. You can include all your contact details and relevant links – anything from website, reservations system, social media channels to press articles, podcasts, Youtube or whatever other links you have to share.

BB Tip💡 You can customise the design of your link by uploading a mini cover photo for each link. 


BlurBay has so many cool possibilities for selling your content.

Different content that can be sold


This is a good way to start and test out your product and its attractiveness to your potential clients. You can start by uploading a single class, lecture or a tutorial. 

This option is also suitable for selling longer videos, like several-hours masterclass, conference, movie, podcast or any other video content. 


This is the best option if you are planning to sell an entire course, programme or series with multiple videos. 

It could be a 10x1h course or a long-term programme with daily or weekly pre-recorded videos. For example: 7-days detox challenge, 4-weeks workout programme, 3-months French course for beginners.

Videos can be either unlocked all at once after a purchase or they can be unlocked over time (daily, weekly), with our “time-lock” feature, which is the best strategy for creating a challenge. Read more about it “here”. 

Course example

OPTION 3. Files & learning materials. 

On BlurBay you can also sell files like: music, audio books, handbooks or any other files in .pdf, .mp3, .jpg or .png format. There are two ways to do that.

  • SINGLE IMAGE. You can upload a “thumbnail” for the file that you are selling. This attention-catching image should include name, description and indication of what client is purchasing. You may then attach a downloadable file that the client will be able to download after the payment has been made.  
  • SINGLE VIDEO. You can upload a short descriptive video or a teaser that explains “what you are selling”. You may then include the downloadable file that the client will have access to once their payment has been made. 

BB Tip💡You can also attach downloadable files and materials to your video classes and courses. For example, “to do lists”, “homework” or a “shopping list” for a detox programme or a make-up masterclass. 


You need to choose an attractive price strategy for your product. 

Consider these things: 

  • Do some market research to find out what pricing your fellow colleagues selected for their course.
  • If you are launching something for the first time, the main point is to understand your customer and their purchase power. You don’t want to choose too high pricing that will scare your customers away and leave you with empty pockets. Try to choose an attractive price, but don’t devalue your product and work. Balance is the key. 

BB Tip💡When choosing the pricing, remember that you can always lower your price with sales period, special discounts and promo codes. 


BlurBay has several handy tools that will make your launch and online sales a great success! 

Marketing and sales tools

Analytics. First and foremost, on BlurBay you will have a complete overview and statistics of your content performance. You will be able to see your conversion rate, how many people have clicked or viewed your content before purchase, how many purchases have you actually made, which videos were the least or the most successful. 

This will help you understand your content performance, what to promote, what kind of content your audience appreciates and where to focus in the future. 

Promo codes use this feature to offer special discounts to your followers, loyal clients, friends or family. This is a great marketing tool, as it makes your audience feel special and gives them the urge to support you in your new beginnings. 

BB Tip 💡Take it to the next level, by offering a barter deal to influencers and friends for a “free access” to your content in exchange for a promotion on their social media channels. They can share your BB link anywhere 😉

BB Tip💡Create custom promo codes for influencers, in order to track the number of sales that come from each one of them. 

Limited time discount. This feature lets you increase sales by offering a “special price” for a limited time, which creates an urge to buy as the price is attractive and the offer is limited. It could be used on your launch day, special occasions and holidays. 

BB Tip💡Surprise your followers by creating 24h Flash Sales.

Limited time availability. You may also use this handy tool, to sell your videos for a limited time only, which will create a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect, and will push your client to buy here and now, before your class expires. 

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