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10 Ways to Make Money From Your Looks

10 Ways to Make Money From Your Looks

Here’s what you need to know about monetizing your looks, including pros and cons to consider, tips for staying safe, and different ways to make money.

In the social media age, more people than ever are finding pathways to wealth by monetizing their looks. This has advantages and disadvantages, and many who aim to make it big by capitalizing on their appearance don’t end up richly rewarded for their efforts.

But if you can handle public scrutiny and wisely tackle the challenges of having an image-based career, it’s possible to earn a tidy side income—or even a full-blown living—from having favorable genes.

Below, you’ll discover how to make money from your looks in 10 different ways, from modeling to influencing and beyond. We’ll also look at some alternative options you may wish to consider, like selling video courses online via BlurBay.

How to Use Your Looks to Make Money – The Pros and Cons

Before we look at how to make money off your looks, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of this kind of career. While there are many advantages of using your looks to make money, there are also some downsides to take into account.


Lots of Options

When it comes to how to make money from your looks, most people think of the obvious options, like modeling. However, these days, there are lots more ways to monetize your appearance. You can get into the influencing sphere, for example, become a coach, or even sell yourself as a celebrity lookalike. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find something that suits your skills, as well as your appearance.

Low Startup Costs

Usually, setting up a business requires a lot of money. You have to spend cash on equipment, a business location, and so on. But, when making money from your looks, there’s often no need for all that. Indeed, many of the best methods for monetizing your looks can be done from the comfort of your home. This makes it much more accessible, even for those on limited budgets.

Low Barriers to Entry

You don’t necessarily need a degree or any professional training to capitalize on your looks. While some choose to take classes on style, acting, or public speaking to boost their chances of succeeding, others jump in head first and learn as they go. As long as you have an attractive or interesting appearance, you’ve got a chance of making money from it.

Lucrative for Some People

Not everyone reaches the heights they dream of, but some do. For these, the material rewards for having good looks can be massive. For example, the most successful models, influencers, and actors are able to make enormous amounts of money. They lead lives of luxury thanks to their natural beauty.

An Interesting and Enjoyable Career

Many people dream of finding a job they truly enjoy, but many end up with work that feels boring or bland. A great thing about making money from your looks is that it can lead to a rewarding and exciting lifestyle. Models and influencers, for example, often have opportunities to travel the world, meet lots of different people, and enjoy an array of interesting experiences.


The Market Is Saturated

Making money off of good looks has become a well-honed art and science. Many people are trying to make it in this space, so it might be tough to stand out.

Lack of Privacy

Putting yourself out there comes with a lot of public scrutiny and unfiltered feedback from strangers. Once your image is on the internet, it can’t be removed. People you’ve never met may learn more about you than you realize (depending on what you’ve made public).

Potential Exploitation

You may face pressure to step past your personal boundaries to stay relevant and sustain your revenue stream. Despite taking measures to prevent unauthorized access to your content, it can be difficult to prevent internet users from using your images without your knowledge or consent.

Pressure to Keep Up Appearances

The image business can be very demanding. For some, this takes a toll on their self-esteem, while others may take risks with their bodies to gain a competitive edge. Of course, not all respond this way, but the danger is real.

how to make money from your looks

How to Make Money Off Your Looks Safely

Monetizing your looks can be a rewarding and exciting experience, but there are also plenty of potential pitfalls to avoid. People in this line of work are often at particularly high risk of being exploited, harassed, or taken advantage of. So, when you’re considering how to make money off your looks, you have to consider the dangers and take steps to protect yourself.

Follow these tips to protect yourself from unwanted attention and safeguard your income.

Set Boundaries (and Stick to Them)

Before marketing yourself, decide what you’re comfortable with and what’s off-limits. Respecting yourself is crucial for getting respect from others. What types of jobs are you comfortable accepting? What information is safe to share?

Clearly communicate your boundaries to anyone you work with, including clients, photographers, agents, and brand partners. Don’t be afraid to say “no” if something doesn’t feel right.

Register Your Business and Get a Lawyer

Set up a government-recognized business entity to separate your personal and business affairs. Depending on the law in your country, this may protect your personal assets from being seized if you get sued.

Find a lawyer specializing in intellectual property, publicity rights, trademarks, and copyright protection. Review contracts with your lawyer before signing to ensure deals are fair and beneficial for your brand.

Protect Your Personal Information

The internet makes it super easy to find information—including yours. Use a separate email address for business correspondence to protect your personal email account from spam and phishing attacks. Consider opening a P.O. box to avoid giving out your home address.

Stay safe by never sharing your address, phone number, or other private details on social media. Create strong, unique passwords for important accounts like online banking. Use a VPN (virtual private network) for extra security whenever you’re online.

Build a Support Group or System to Help You

You may pick up a lot of fans and followers if you opt for a career path like actor, model, or influencer. But you might attract some critics, as well. Indeed, some people can be quite cruel and critical towards those in the spotlight. In today’s digital world, those cruel comments are hard to avoid.

This is why, if you’re thinking about how to use your looks to make money, it’s important to have a thick skin. Or, at the very least, a strong support system. This work can take its toll on your mental health, especially if you have to deal with online bullies and harassers. Find your own way to avoid or deal with the negativity that may come your way.

Think Carefully Before Involving Friends and Family in Your Business Activities

It might be tempting to share personal experiences with your fans online. Before publicizing your friends and family, consider how their safety and privacy could be affected (especially for kids).

If you have children, avoid showing landmarks like their school. This also protects the privacy of other children. Let school administrators know about your work so they can be on guard against unwanted contact from strangers.

how to make money from your looks

Have a Backup Plan

Appearances can change, and so can the industry. It’s wise to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket and build up a secondary income stream. Consider paths related to your current work, like managing other influencers or developing product lines.

Alternatively, you can explore other money-making schemes like investing or publishing creative works. Diversifying your income helps you stay secure even if circumstances change or you need to switch career paths.

Keep reading for more alternatives to monetizing your looks.

How to Make Money From Your Looks: 10 Methods

How to Make Money From Your Looks: 10 Ways

Here are 10 ways how to make money from your looks. Not all strategies work for everyone. Building a customer base will take time, so choose a method that compliments your interests and stimulates your creativity.


TV commercials and bus stop ads can be overlooked, but word-of-mouth recommendations are always a powerful sales tool. If you can’t get enough of fashion, love breaking down makeup techniques, or enjoy helping people improve their lifestyles, you might want to become an influencer.

Social media influencing lets you partner with brands you love and recommend products to a global audience. Every time someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, a small percentage of the same goes to you. As your following grows, you can even launch your own merch or product lines.

Being honest and authentic is vital. A good appearance can encourage sales, but creating a genuine connection with your followers is an even stronger way to build a profitable long-term marketing base.

If you go the influencer route, expand your reach beyond mainstream social media platforms by creating your own website. Platforms like BlurBay make it easy by providing high-quality templates and pay-as-you-earn pricing. Plus, you have much more control over what you post than on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

Is influencing a viable career path? The stats speak for themselves.

According to this 2023 Hubspot marketing report, partnering with influencers is still among the top brand marketing strategies. According to the survey:

  • Influencer marketing is among the top 7 strategies marketers use, along with short-form videos, mobile-friendly websites, and publishing content that reflects brands’ values.
  • 89% of marketers planned to maintain or increase their existing investments in influencer marketing.
  • Influencer marketing has a 7% return on investment (ROI), second only to short-form video content (TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, etc.), which has a 10% ROI.
  • 64% of marketers surveyed leverage their brands using Facebook, followed by Instagram (58%), YouTube (57%), Twitter (43%), TikTok (42%), and LinkedIn (33%).

Other studies report that the global influencer marketing industry is worth a staggering $21.1 billion. Influencers with less than 5,000 followers typically charge between $2 and $250 per sponsored post, while those with up to 20,000 followers may earn between $25 and $1,250.

Influencers with 20,000-100,000 followers may charge as much as $12,500. If you’re fortunate enough to have 1 million+ followers, you could potentially charge $25,000+ per sponsored post.

The data may seem encouraging, but nothing is guaranteed. Your actual sponsorship rates could vary based on your followers’ engagement, the quality of your content, your reputation, brand perception, and other factors.

Makeup Artist

If you’ve mastered the art of using makeup to beautify, enhance, conceal, and transform, create tutorials to teach others your skills. Makeup artistry applies to a broad range of niches, including seasonal, stage, business, and formal.

Create Halloween how-to videos teaching people how to become their favorite characters. Show ladies how to glam up for New Year’s Eve or prom. Reveal the secrets behind creating the perfect “natural” look, and share tips for getting ready in 5 minutes or less for women on the go.

Become a one-stop beauty resource with tutorials for pairing makeup with the perfect hairstyle, accessories, and outfits.

Spotlight: Michelle Phan
How to Make Money From Your Looks in 10 Ways

YouTuber, beauty guru, and Em Cosmetics founder Michelle Phan has built a business empire worth $500 million (her personal net worth is reportedly around $50 million). In recent years, Phan has scaled back her social media presence, but she has been in the business since 2007 when she began posting makeup tutorials on YouTube.

In an interview with Girlboss, Phan credited her success to jumping on a strong market opportunity at the right time.

“In 2007-2008, there weren’t a lot of readily available makeup tutorials — you would either have to go to a beauty counter and buy products or pay for makeup seminars. I saw this market gap and thought my videos could fill it, and luckily, I made the right decision. I started to make money when YouTube offered AdSense, and that was how I was able to invest more time in building my channel.”


Looks can play an important part when landing acting jobs for films, TV shows, and music videos. Of course, you also need talent to go far in this field, but a little training and experience with minor roles or background parts can help you start building a career.

Try taking a few acting classes or workshops to hone your skills. Building a diverse portfolio and networking with industry professionals can also help you get roles. If you decide not to pursue acting in the future, you’ll still have relationships with people and businesses that could help your other ventures succeed.

Fashion and Retail Model

One of the most obvious ways to make money off your looks, modeling can be lucrative if you’re very photogenic and manage your appearance well. The fashion and advertising industries are constantly on the lookout for fresh faces.

From runway shows to magazine covers, there are lots of opportunities to explore. There are many niches within the modeling, including commercial, print, runway, plus-size, and more.

Collaborate with photographers, makeup artists, and stylists to build your portfolio. Sign up with a modeling agency to get inroads for more significant gigs. Remember that outward appearance is just one part of being a successful model. Looking after your mental and physical health is critical for your sake and to ensure longevity in the industry.

Wellness or Fitness Coach

How to Make Money From Your Looks in 10 Ways

The health and wellness industry is booming. If you love staying fit and eating well, consider using your great habits to guide others and earn revenue. Becoming a wellness or fitness coach shouldn’t be about flaunting a well-toned body. Your emphasis should be on exemplifying a good lifestyle and motivating others to achieve their health goals.

Depending on the laws where you live, you may need to get professionally certified in nutrition, personal training, or a related field. Getting trained will boost your credibility and help you market yourself as an expert that people can trust.

You can monetize a role like this in different ways: one-on-one personal training sessions, online coaching, group fitness classes, or selling workout and eating guides. Discipline, integrity, and commitment are crucial for your fulfillment and to maintain a lifestyle that others will want to emulate.

Celebrity Lookalike or Stunt Double

If you look like a celebrity or public figure, you could earn money by appearing as that person (as long as you don’t market yourself as the real deal).

Celebrity lookalikes often find work in themed events, parties, or promotional campaigns where they act like the stars they resemble. This can be profitable, especially where people might not often see celebrities.

If you’re not averse to risk, you could also become a stunt double. Movies and TV shows often require scenes that might be too risky for the primary actor. This can be both thrilling and well-paying if you look like a famous person and have the physical training required to perform stunts.

Art Class Model

Artists and schools often use live models for classes or projects. As an art model, you’ll have to pose for extended periods, sometimes in specific postures, to help artists capture the human form accurately. This is a unique way to monetize your appearance and contribute to artistic efforts.

Being an art model takes a lot of patience and comfort with your body. Some projects require nude or semi-nude modeling. That being said, the environment is respectful as art is focused on producing meaningful interpretations, not sensualizing models for artists’ personal gratification.

Body Parts Model

Not all modeling focuses on the face or the whole body. A niche but thriving industry centers around parts modeling for brands that need close-up shots of specific body parts for advertisements.

For instance, a jewelry brand might need a hand model to showcase a new ring collection, or a kitchen equipment brand could be on the lookout for perfect hands.

If you become a parts model, you must pay special attention to caring for that specific part of your body. Hand models, for example, might want regular manicures and premium skincare. This is a different way of making money off your appearance that doesn’t involve being in the limelight, which might be preferable for some people.

Spotlight: Annabel Capper
How to Make Money From Your Looks in 10 Ways

London-born actress, director, corporate coach, and hand model Annabel Capper knows what it’s like to be in the spotlight for both conventional and unconventional reasons. While primarily focused on her acting and coaching pursuits, Capper has made a name for herself as a hand model, landing her first gig in a Twix advertisement.

Getting cast as a hand model is similar to landing a role as an actress. There’s an audition process, but instead of showcasing your acting chops, you submit to a detailed inspection of a specific physical feature, hoping it stands out for all the right reasons.

“The first time I went to a hand casting, it was a very strange, existential experience,” recalls Capper. “They seriously examined my hands. One of them went, ‘Ooh, there’s a tiny freckle.’ I might as well not have been there.” She observes, “I love the way people talk with their hands – they’re so expressive. As an actor, I’m often told to use my hands less.”

Sell Your Hair

How to Make Money From Your Looks in 10 Ways

Did you know you can make money by selling your hair? Several organizations, like HairSellon and World of Wigs, buy hair to make wigs, extensions, and even art.

Hair is especially valuable when it’s long and untreated, meaning no dyes, chemicals, or hair treatments. There’s a market for different textures, colors, and lengths. Virgin hair, which has never been chemically treated, is often in higher demand.

If you choose this monetization method, take good care of your hair. Get regular trims and deep conditioning treatments, and make sure you eat a balanced diet to maintain your lustrous locks. When it’s time to sell, trim as much of your hair as possible, put it in a Ziplock bag, and mail it off.

Human Billboard

An unconventional way of making money, becoming a human billboard lets you leverage your appearance to advertise products, showcase brands, and promote messages.

This could involve wearing branded clothing and accessories in high-traffic areas, getting temporary tattoos or body paint, holding signboards, or driving around with vehicle wraps. Human billboards often work at events, on busy streets, or online via social media to engage the public. As a bonus, you might score some freebies for participating in promotions.

How to Choose the Right Method

With so many options to choose from, you might not know quite which one to pick. Here are some tips and thoughts to consider that should you decide how to make money from your looks in a way that works for you.

Consider Your Personality

First things first: think about your personality. Specifically, consider if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Many people assume that extroverts are the only ones who look into how to make money off your looks. However, this kind of work can be just as accommodating to introverted or shy people.

Naturally, those who are very sociable and outgoing may find themselves drawn to careers like influencing or acting. Those jobs often involve lots of communication and demand big personalities. If you’re more of a quiet person who wants to know how to use your looks to make money, consider roles like modeling.

Take Your Skills Into Account

Obviously, if you’re thinking about how to use your looks to make money, you already have a certain level of confidence in your appearance. But your appearance isn’t all you have. You may have a wide range of additional skills that could support you in your chosen career. So, start thinking about what you’re good at.

Perhaps you’ve got experience in drama and would therefore be a great fit for the role of an actor. Maybe you’re more of an arty and creative person – in that case, makeup artistry could be right for you. Communication. Humor. Self-confidence. Organization. These are all helpful skills that could make you better suited for one role over another.

Think About Your Future Work-Life Balance

It’s always important to consider work-life balance when picking a job or even a side hustle. The more time you spend dedicated to your work, the less time you may find you have for friends, family, and fun. On the other hand, you might be the kind of person who tends to have the most fun while working. In that case, you won’t necessarily need too much leisure time.

In any case, you have to decide what kind of balance you want. Some jobs are more demanding than others. They’ll take more out of you and demand more of your time and energy. Others are less restrictive and may give you more free time to socialize and be with your family. Think about this as you work out how to make money off your looks.

Define Your Ambitions

Don’t just think about the here and now when deciding how to make money from your looks. Think about the future, too. Consider yourself five or 10 years from now, and ask yourself where you want to be. Perhaps you’re someone very ambitious, dreaming of big salaries and luxury lifestyles. Or maybe you’re just looking for a steady job that you enjoy.

Either way, it’s important to match your career choices with your ambitions. Try to choose a line of work that will help you get where you want to go. At the same time, be realistic with your ambitions. Remember that the vast majority of people won’t make it to the highest echelons of modeling, acting, and influencing.

Weigh the Risks and Rewards

Every job has its own levels of risk and reward. This is also true for roles that involve monetizing your looks in some way. If you decide to be an influencer, for example, there’s potential for huge rewards, but also huge risk. You could be a big success, but you might also struggle to deal with the immense competition and pressure the role brings.

Some of these lines of work may also become riskier as time goes by. Actors and models, for instance, might find it harder to get work as they get older and their looks change. Take all of this into account as you look into how to use your looks to make money. Decide what level of risk you’re willing to take, and what kind of reward you want to aim for.

Alternatives to Monetizing Your Appearance

Looking for more money-making ideas? Check out these alternatives to monetizing your looks. Take a look at this article for even more suggestions.

Sell a Video Course

Creating and selling video-based courses requires many of the same digital marketing skills you would use as an influencer. Develop a website from scratch using a totally customizable system like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. If coding isn’t your thing and you want to get up and running fast, use a template website service like BlurBay, Squarespace, or Wix.

How to Make Money From Your Looks in 10 Ways

Unlike many website hosting services, BlurBay doesn’t charge ongoing subscription fees. Instead, you pay just 5% of your earnings. BlurBay is designed for influencers, supporting multiple types of content, video previewing features, and streamlined payment solutions.

Once you have a platform, post content and start building an audience. You can also partner with brands to promote products related to your courses. This is a great way to earn extra money and give your customers more value.

Become a Freelancer

There are tons of ways to make money online independently. Writing, computer programming, and social media marketing skills are in high demand. There’s also a robust global market for translation, video editing, transcription, and data management.

Build a client base by reaching out to friends and family and getting active on freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Toptal. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to let people know you’re available for work. You might have to lowball your first few jobs to build your profile before you can start charging higher rates.

Productize Your Knowledge and Skills

Put your experience to good use by monetizing your knowledge and skills. Think about your passions or where you excel, and identify areas with market potential. Create online courses, eBooks, webinars, or workshops to share your knowledge with others.

This is similar to monetizing your looks but takes some pressure off maintaining a perfect appearance. Become a go-to expert in your field by showcasing your values, interests, and talents. It takes time to monetize yourself successfully. Stay consistent and focus on bringing value to your customers to grow your brand and revenue.

Summing Up: How to Make Money From Your Looks

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to monetize your looks. So, if you’ve been blessed with natural beauty and are wondering about how to use your looks to make money, you’ve got options. There are the obvious choices – like modeling – along with some not-so-obvious alternatives to suit people with different appearances and personalities.

This kind of work can be wonderfully rewarding and could lead to fantastic things. But it’s not a surefire path to success and also brings potential risks and dangers. So, for best results, try to avoid rushing in. Consider your options, weigh up the pros and cons, and take the tips and tricks above into account.

That should help you figure out how to make money from your looks the right way. Or, you might decide that this line of work isn’t quite right for you. If so, there’s no need to worry. There are lots of amazing ways to pursue your professional dreams, from selling video courses on BlurBay to delving into the world of freelancing.

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