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How to Make Money Online in Germany

How to Make Money Online in Germany

Since the pandemic closed offices, factories, and workplaces all around the world, working online has become not only a viable career path, but one integrated with many business models. Germany is no exception.

Unlike many countries, however, Germany has a long tradition of online work. As of 2020, it was estimated that 36% of all German workers were engaged in some form of remote or mobile work. That number has only risen as more workers and employers embrace the flexibility of online jobs.

Today, many people want to earn money online in Germany. Thankfully, there are many ways to go about it. From part-time secretarial work to marketing your own materials through a digital sales site, let this article be your guide on the various earning options on how to make money online in Germany.

The Rise of Online Work

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the way we live and work. The uncertainty of the post-pandemic world necessitated greater flexibility for both employers and employees. One of the biggest changes was the widespread adoption of online work. Companies that once required all employees to be on site all week have embraced hybrid or remote work options.

Digital nomads and workers with side hustles and passive income are more commonplace than ever. Higher internet speeds make connectivity a breeze, especially across Europe. With the right skills, computer literacy, and expertise in machine learning or AI, you can easily find a profitable avenue of work in Germany or beyond.

Working Online in Germany

Working online in Germany can take on any number of forms. Not being bound by desk or location means that your hours and workflow are more flexible. Sometimes the work you do doesn’t even need to remain within the country. Depending the type of online work you’re engaged in, your employee may be legally bound by the German Works Constitution Act to provide certain allowances:

  • Equipment to perform your job.
  • Expenses incurred while working remotely (i.e. heating, electricity).
  • An agreement stipulating hours worked from home and on-site.
  • Occupational health and safety provisions.
  • Workplace insurance and protection from accidents.

It’s important to note that some of these provisions won’t apply in the case of international or part-time work. Always be sure to check any agreement beforehand.

Best Ways on How to Make Money Online in Germany

Here are some of the major ways on how to earn money online in Germany.


German industry isn’t only renowned worldwide, but many come to Germany to live and work. Not all speak German. Even though AI is making commonplace translation much easier, there’s still a need for human eyes to disentangle the finer subtleties of language. The business and academic world relies heavily on translation services.

If you have a qualification or extensive experiences in both German and another language, then translation may be for you.

How to Make Money Online in Germany - Translation

This job will have you translating memorandums, research papers, affidavits, and speeches. The words are one thing, but understanding the spirit of the original document and capturing that in another language is where the real skill lies.

As such, many specialized fields like healthcare, academia, and law, will require you to undergo specific training and be certified as a sworn German translator before you can start properly working in these fields. This is to ensure the high quality of all translation work.

Start building up a portfolio of translation work online and hire yourself out for bigger and better projects. You can either charge hourly or by a certain number of words.


Freelancing allows you the comfort of working from home while accessing both German and global client bases. Companies are always on the lookout for high-quality freelancers to complete occasional jobs:

  • Project management
  • Video editing
  • Content creation
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Design
  • Web development and programming

To be a successful freelancer, you need to demonstrate to potential clients that you’re worth hiring. To do so, build up a solid portfolio and a good list of references. For any work within Germany, you’ll need to declare these earnings and be taxed on them. As such, you’ll need a German tax number.

Freelancing is a lucrative career option that pays much more than a standard job in most instances. On the downside, it lacks the stability of these positions and dry periods can see you needing to supplement your income in other ways.

Online Surveys

Surveys are a good way to supplement your income. The right information can be valuable. Many companies and survey sites (like YouGov and Harris Poll Online) will pay up to €5 for a survey with quality feedback. Each survey will take just a few minutes to complete, and these numbers will add up over the month.

Most survey sites will provide some form of quality control by assigning you a reputation score. Be sure to provide quality feedback and ensure you qualify for a certain survey to ensure the best results.

Digital Sales

How to Make Money Online in Germany - Digital Sales

You’ve definitely got something that you can share with the world or sell to it. Be it tangible products or your own expertise, successfully marketing your skills can be an excellent way to earn a living. Digital sales sites like BlurBay provide the framework for you to do just that.

It could be merchandise, or you could be marketing an entire video course on how to get into shape. These platforms provide the hosting and handle customer transactions in return for a small commission on each sale.

Once a video, picture, e-book, or toolkit is uploaded, it’ll keep earning you passive income for as long as you want it to. It’s a fantastic way to market your skills without having to worry about the nitty-gritty.

Online Tutoring

If you’re skilled in a particular language or subject, then there’s a good chance somebody’s looking to learn from the experts. You can sell your skills as a tutor through sites like BlurBay and teach students in Germany and beyond. Languages are in particularly high demand at present.

Most online tutoring options provide the luxury of choosing when and how long you work. Provided you have a webcam and a reliable internet connection, you can easily pass your skills on to others. The better your reviews, the higher your earnings. Tutoring jobs in Germany can net you around €15-€50 per hour.

Data Entry

Data entry isn’t limited to Germany, but is still a popular online job. This form of work is also extremely varied. You’ll need to input data into specific formats with data entry software like Excel and Google Sheets at a high WPM.

One thing to beware is the many scam sites that operate within data entry. Try and sign up with reliable work sites like Fiverr and Upwork to ensure that you get paid for your efforts.

Blogging and Vlogging

How to Make Money Online in Germany - Blogging and Vlogging

Creating a blog or a YouTube channel is relatively easy, but infusing it with quality content that viewers will keep returning for is another matter entirely. If you’re eager to get your opinions or expertise out there in this way, then it’s a good idea to find a particular niche or hook where you shine. Audiences will know what to expect and advertisers will know who you target.

Money from blogs and vlogs comes primarily through adverts. Google AdSense or the YouTube Partner Program provides creators with a share of the ad revenue generated through site traffic. The more popular your work, the better your cut.

Affiliate links are another way to make this income method pay. Amazon and other online retailers will pay creators for links on their blogs that take audiences to their own site. You can post affiliate links on your particular tools or recommended products. It’s a reliable way to earn passive income on your work, albeit at a slow rate in the beginning.


Many consumers in Germany have large amounts of disposable income. Why not connect these potential customers with businesses looking to sell? Dropshipping is a method of income generation where you can sell products to consumers without actually having to handle anything.

All you need to do is create an online store that advertises the products of wholesalers. If a customer makes a purchase, the wholesaler will handle the business end of getting the product to them. You, in the meantime, will be paid for performing the service.

Dropshipping relies on the wholesalers you promote, the accessibility of your site, and the advertisements you run. If you’re a maestro at analyzing demand and delivering targeted promos, then you’ll be sure to succeed.

Earning Online, the German Way

Earning Online, the German Way

Germany’s robust culture of remote work, as well as its reliable internet infrastructure ensures that you’ve got a simple head start when launching your online career. It could be your full-time position, or a little side hustle that pays for the odd vacation, but it’s a viable way to earn, providing you’ve got the skills and are willing to put in the effort.

You can freelance, sell your skills through a digital platform like BlurBay, or provide online tutoring for eager students. The key is to provide quality with your work and products to ensure your reputation remains high and the work keeps coming in. Online work should never mean a lack of effort. If you’re a fan of flexibility and independence, though, then your new online world awaits.

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