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How to monetize YouTube shorts

How to monetize YouTube shorts

Learn how to monetize YouTube Shorts, TikToks, and Instagram Reels. Find out how much you could earn, and get 6 bonus tips for how to make money on YouTube shorts.

Every year, billions of dollars pass through social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. With a little equipment and a lot of creativity, some of that revenue could end up in your pocket.

Wondering how to make money on YouTube shorts? You can monetize YouTube Shorts through the YouTube Partner Program and TikTok videos through the TikTok Creator Next program. You don’t need to join a “club” to monetize Instagram Reels, but you can partner with businesses that have joined the Instagram Partner Program.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry. We’ll break down how to get paid for YouTube shorts, TikToks, and Instagram Reels. We’ll also give you some extra ideas for monetizing short videos.

How to monetize YouTube shorts

As of February 1, 2023, YouTube Shorts content creators can earn revenue by joining the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Besides monetizing your content, becoming a YPP member lets you customize your channel page, access special analytics tools, and get Creator Support. Unlike non-partners, YPP members keep the copyright and distribution rights to their content.

YouTube Partner Program eligibility

You can join the YouTube Partner Program and start earning money on YouTube Shorts if you:

  • Gain 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 long-form video watch hours in the past 12 months OR
  • Gain 1,000 subscribers with 10 million Shorts views in the past 90 days

You must also meet these eligibility requirements:

  • You live in an eligible country/region
  • You’re the primary owner of your account and can access advanced features
  • Your channel has no active Community Guidelines strikes
  • Have an active AdSense account (or create one in YouTube Studio)
  • 2-Step Verification is turned on for your Google Account
  • You must follow YouTube’s Channel Monetization Policies
How to get paid for YouTube shorts

How to join the YouTube Partner Program

Got the subscribers and views? Great! Becoming a YouTube Partner is fairly simple, but you’ll have to get approved.

  • Go to YouTube Studio
  • Tap Earn on the bottom menu
  • Select Apply
  • Select Start. You’ll need to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Select Start to link (or set up) an AdSense account

There are a few things you should know. First, it usually takes a month or so to hear back, but it could be longer if there are many applicants. Second, machines and humans review your channel to make sure it meets YouTube’s guidelines. Third, you can check your application status in the Earn section of the YouTube Studio app.

Can I join YPP sooner?

Yes, you can start earning money on YouTube even if you don’t meet the full criteria to become a YPP member as long as you have the following:

  • 500 subscribers,
  • 3 public uploads in the past 90 days,
  • 3,000 long-form video watch hours in the past year OR 3 million Shorts views in the past 90 days

Once you hit these requirements, you can sell your own products with YouTube shopping and access fan funding features like Super Thanks, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships.

How to monetize YouTube shorts

How much can I earn from YouTube Shorts?

The amount you can earn from posting YouTube Shorts varies based on factors like the subject matter. But many content creators report earning around $0.01-$0.06 per 1,000 Shorts views. This amounts to $10-$60 per 1 million Shorts views.

That’s not a lot, even if you’re lucky enough to post content that rakes in millions of views. But there are other ways to monetize your YouTube content. We’ll go into more details below.

How ad revenue sharing works for YouTube Shorts

If you’re in the Youtube Partner Program, you earn a portion of a portion of a portion of the total revenue made from the YouTube Shorts feed. The explanation may seem dizzying, but here’s how it breaks down.

  1. Ad revenue from the YouTube Shorts feed is collected into a pool for each country.
  2. The pool is split into 2 parts: a creator pool and a fund to pay the licensing fees for music used in Shorts videos. The revenue for a Short is divided equally based on the number of revenue recipients. You count as 1 revenue recipient, and each music track used in your video counts as 1 revenue recipient. For example, you plus 1 track equals 2 revenue recipients, each of which is allocated half of the revenue. As another example, you plus 2 tracks equal 3 revenue recipients, each of which is allocated a third of the revenue.
  3. A portion of the creator pool is set aside for you based on your share of total Shorts views.
  4. You get paid 45% of this portion, and YouTube gets the other 55%.

Say this month YouTube decides to pay out $3 million worth of Shorts revenue. After taking into account the number of music tracks used in every Short, the creator pool is calculated as $1 million. If you got 1,000,000 views out of a total of 1.5 billion views for all Shorts, your portion of the creator pool would be around 0.00067%, or $670. You would be paid 45% of this, or $301.

This example varies significantly from what many content creators report receiving, which is around $10-$60 per 1 million Shorts views. We have to speculate on data like the monthly revenue for YouTube Shorts, the amount of music used in Shorts, and the proportion of revenue that’s subsequently paid into the creator pool.

The main takeaway is that many factors play into how much you can earn from YouTube Shorts. You need a lot of views to start making any real money. Remember, the less music content creators use, the more revenue they keep.

TikTok monetization

The path to monetization on TikTok is through TikTok Creator Next. Introduced in 2021, Creator Next comes with a slew of benefits, including:

  • A marketplace where you can connect with businesses looking to partner with social media influencers
  • The ability to receive tips and gifts from fans (plus earn Diamons rewards that can be converted into cash)
  • Payouts from the Creator Fund (or the newly-introduced Creativity Program, which is in Beta in the US).

TikTok Creator Next eligibility

Right now, TikTok Creator Next is just for individuals, so business accounts can’t join. If you want to sign up for TikTok Creator Next, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a minimum number of followers (varies by region)
  • Have 1,000+ views in the last 30 days (more if you want Creator Fund/Creativity Program payouts)
  • Have 3+ posts in the last 30 days
  • Have an account in good standing

The requirements for getting paid from the Creator Fund/Creativity Program are higher. You must have 10,000+ followers and 100,000+ views in the last 30 days.

How to join TikTok Creator Next

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Select the menu (3 lines) at the top of the screen.
  • Select Creator tools.
  • Tap Join next to “Creator Next” at the bottom of the screen.

If you’re accepted, you can go to Creator tools any time to access features like the Creator Next marketplace and Creator Fund/Creativity Program.

How much can I earn from TikTok videos?

Many creators posting on TikTok can reportedly earn 2-4 cents per 1,000 views. At this range, you could potentially earn $20-$40 per 1 million views. Bear in mind this is just a guesstimate. You could make less.

Instagram Reels monetization

Unlike YouTube Shorts and TikTok, you can monetize Instagram Reels without applying to be in a “monetized members only” club.

Instead of creating a program for influencers, Instagram created the Instagram Partners Program for businesses that want to team up with influencers to advertise. Eligible businesses can sign up to become a partner and then browse a marketplace of Insta-influencers to find the best partner for their needs.

The best way to get businesses to find you is to consistently make content on products or topics that you love and attract an audience for that market.

How much can I earn from Instagram Reels?

Reports on creators’ earnings from Instagram Reels vary, with some claiming to earn around 0.0001-0.003 cents per view, while others report earning well over $1 per view. If this is true, then, on the low end, you might make roughly $100 per 1 million views on an Instagram Reel.

It’s important to note that Instagram may be adjusting its payout rate over time as more people jump on board and start earning from their videos.

How to make money on YouTube shorts: 6 bonus ideas

Joining a monetization program has its perks. But it isn’t the only way to make money off of your short videos. Give the following ideas a try to boost your profit:

  • Sell content on your own website. Giant social media platforms give you access to a huge audience, but you’ll earn a fraction of the revenue you bring in. Start selling on a digital content platform like BlurBay that lets you customize the look and feel of your brand and keep the lion’s share of your earnings.
  • YouTube channel memberships. Give your subscribers a chance to support one of their favorite creators with monthly donations and get access to special treats like badges, emojis, and exclusive content.
  • Sell your own merch. Loyal fans love sporting catchphrases, symbols, jokes, and icons representing the channels and accounts they follow.
  • Affiliate programs. Join a program that pays you for recommending the products and services you love.
  • Make and sell products. If you’ve made a name for yourself in a particular field, try designing and selling your own products to fans who trust you to bring them items worth buying.
  • Brand sponsorships. Once you have a steady stream of views and followers, reach out to brands and businesses you think your audience might be interested in and get paid to advertise.

How to monetize YouTube shorts (plus TikToks & Instagram Reels): FAQs

How much does YouTube pay you for 1 million Shorts views?

YouTube Shorts earnings vary massively based on the type of content you’re producing and other factors. But many content creators have reported earning between $10 and $60 for every million Shorts views, or between $0.01 and $0.06 per 1,000 Shorts views.

What if I wasn’t approved for the YouTube Partner Program?

You have 2 options if your YouTube Partner Program application is rejected. If you think the rejection was in error, you have 21 days to appeal the decision. Or, you can reapply in 30 days. You’re not the only one who gets rejected the first time. Don’t give up! Stay focused on creating good content.

Which countries are eligible for TikTok Creator Next?

As of the time of writing, TikTok Creator Next is available for content creators in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Creators in Canada and Australia will reportedly be eligible to join the program soon.

Is the Instagram Reels Play bonus program still available?

No, Instagram discontinued the Instagram Reels Play bonus program in the US and India on March 9, 2023. Existing deals will be honored, but no new deals will be made.

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