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How to Sell Course Online With BlurBay Sales Tools

How to Sell Course Online With BlurBay Sales Tools

Content sales can be increased by using discounts, promo codes, limited availability, and more. Here are the different tools available on BlurBay to use on different occasions.

Everybody loves a sale.

If you don’t believe us, just check out the pure pandemonium of Black Friday every year. Scores of people queuing outside stores until opening time – barging past and trampling over each other – just to get their hands on the latest deals.

Thankfully, you won’t encounter anything quite as…extreme as that when you sell your online courses on BlurBay. But what you will find is an array of helpful sales tools that you can use to give your videos a boost come sales season.

The question now is simple:

How to sell course online with BlurBay’s sales tools?

We’ll answer that question by covering every sales tool in the BlurBay arsenal, as well as explaining why each tool could be the key to getting more people to watch your videos.

1. Discounts

Whether it is Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or something personal like your birthday, brand anniversary or the launch of a new product. All of this can be a reason to celebrate with your audience and create discount periods for these occasions. Think about it – what do people like to do on the big occasions?

Something special.

Whether it’s for themselves or somebody else, that special something could be signing up for a course that you’ve created. Any with a discount, and you give them the extra little push they need to commit.

So, how do you create one in BlurBay?

To set up a discount, upload a new post or edit one of the existing ones and go to the last page – Price.

Set Up Discount

Enable Discount period and set a Start Date, End Date and Price during sale period. In this example we’ve set a 50% discount. The original price is 39.00$ and during October, the price is 19.50$. The time of the discount period is from 00:00 1st of October until 23:59 31st of October.

Users will then see that the video is on discount and will be able to see the original price and the new price – great for creating FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). They’ll know they can get a cut price now. But they best not wait for too long. The video could go back to the higher price at any point, so they better sign up now to get a great deal!

So, this is how they would see the discounted post.

Discounted Post

And the unlock view will also indicate a discount.

Unlock View Discount

Why Create Discounts for Your Content?

We get it – creating a discount may pull people in, but it’ll also mean you’re making less per video than you otherwise would. It’s a balancing act. Discount too often and too freely and people will start to anticipate that a video is going to get a price reduction sooner or later, meaning they may hold back for the sale. But don’t do it at all and you’re going to miss out on people who are on the fence about buying and may just need an extra little boot up the backside to get them there.

So, why use discounts?

They’re key to how to sell online classes for these two reasons:

Reason 1 – Remember, Classes With an “S”

As you build your content stack with BlurBay, you’re going to find that you have repeat buyers. These are the people who purchase every video you create, both because they love the content you’re producing and because they love something very important – you.

They got a taste in one video.

Now, they’re buying more to really dig into your course content.

And that’s where discounts come in. By offering discounted videos, you give new clients a chance to jump on board without committing as much money as they would otherwise. Not all of those clients will stick around. They’ll watch a video and move on. But you’re going to get a percentage of those people who love your lesson and want to learn more – and they’ll have to pay full price if they want to unlock your next video!

Reason 2 – Discounts Bump Up Your Numbers

According to Statista, a staggering 88% of shoppers say they’ve used coupons to get discounts on items before. Why does that matter? It means that nearly nine out of every 10 people who consider buying your videos have used a coupon and get what the game is when it comes to discounts.

You can use that to your advantage.

By offering discounts, you bump up your video purchase numbers on BlurBay. You’re creating social proof while making money! After all, a customer is much more likely to buy your video if they see hundreds – maybe even thousands – of others have bought it before them. Your discounts are a quick way to bump up the numbers on underperforming content so it can start making more money for you in the future.

2. Limited Availability

By default, all the content uploaded to BlurBay can be purchased at any time. However, you can make it more interesting by creating a bit of fear of missing out (remember – FOMO works). Instead of allowing a video to be bought always, you could create a limited-edition video that can only be purchased in the period of…let’s say two weeks.

To set up a limited availability, upload a new post or edit one of the existing ones and go to the last page – Price.

Limited Availability Price

In this example, we set the Start Date to 18th of October and End Date to 31st of October. If 18th of October has not arrived, then the video can’t be bought yet. The video will be available on 18th of October at 00:00 and it can no longer be bought again after 31st of October at 23:59. Users that have bought it will be able to view it even after the 31st of October, but people who missed it can’t buy it anymore.

You can create a new Limited purchase window to the same post again if you feel that more people would like to buy it. Maybe next month or next year. It’s up to you.

Why Use Limited Availability for Your Content?

We’ve touched on the reason why creating limited-availability videos is a great way for how to sell online training:


FOMO stands for “Fear of Missing Out,” and it’s an interesting psychological phenomenon that has been a game-changer for many sellers for years. The idea is simple. You offer something desirable, but you limit access to that desirable thing. Knowing that the product is only around for a short time – and knowing it’s something they want – a customer is more likely to shell out because they don’t want to miss it before it’s gone.

And it works.

You’ll see FOMO in almost every aspect of life.

Take social media as an example. A shocking 70% of millennials say they’ve experienced some form of FOMO with social media, meaning they’ve logged on to their platform of choice just to make sure that they don’t miss something interesting. TV makes heavy use of FOMO, too. Take any “water cooler” TV show – such as Game of Thrones – and you’ll see what we mean. People absolutely have to watch the new episode on the night it airs or they’ll miss out and not be able to join the conversation the next day.

For your videos, there’s one FOMO stat that sticks out above all others:

Almost two-thirds (60%) of young adults claim they’ve made purchases based on nothing but FOMO alone.

By limiting access to your content, you’re creating this handy psychological sales effect that makes the content seem unmissable. More people will buy because they can’t stand the idea of missing out on something big.

3. Promo Codes

BlurBay’s checkout includes a promo code box.

Promo Codes

You can create and manage the BlurBay Promo codes here or access them from the menu. Either way, you’re getting a great way for how to sell course online because you’re doing something important – giving viewers a chance to control how they use a discount.

So, how do you create your promo codes?

The minimum you need to fill to create the Promo code is name and the discount percentage.

Promo Codes Fill Up Form

The promo code in the above image will last forever and can be used on all your posts. Better yet for your clients – applying it will give a 50% discount to the buyers.

Let’s go through the other options.

Post ID – If this is empty, then the promo code applies to all posts. If you’d like this to apply to a single post, then copy the ID of the post in there. You can find the ID when you open your post, for example – blurbay.com/profile/yourprofile/post/12345

Promo code – Code that the buyers should enter. It can be letters and numbers or both.

Discount type – Just one selection, always % discount

Discount – You can set a number between 1%-100%, it’s up to you. If you’d like to create a giveaway, Set it to 100% and share it with the lucky winner and they will get the post for free and won’t need to enter any payment details.

Period – You can set the promo code to start at a certain date and/or expire at a certain date. For example you might want to create some urgency by saying that the promo code lasts for just 3 days with 50% off. Start date starts at selected day at 00:00 and End date ends at selected day at 23:59.

Toggle button – You can disable and reenable the promo code any time you’d like. If it’s enabled, it can be used and if not, then it can’t be used by buyers.

Delete button – When you no longer need the promo code and don’t want to reuse it, then just delete it.

You can always come back to edit promo codes or add new ones. When doing so, don’t forget to Save changes.

Why Use Promo Codes for Your Content?

We touched on one of the reasons why promo codes work so well earlier – 88% of shoppers say they’ve used coupons for discounts at some point during the year.

But let’s expand the scope a little.

We find that promo codes work so well when you’re trying to figure out how to sell online classes because they give the buyer something they don’t have with the other sales methods – control.

Think about it.

With a discount, they only get money off if they buy the video at the specially discounted price you’ve created. For limited-edition videos, they don’t even get the video at all unless they buy during a specific time. But when they have a promo code, they have the freedom to buy when they see fit and – depending on how you structure your code – could even get the discount the code promises on a video of their choice.

Think of it as a sales tactic that appeals to the control freak. They’ll love having the promo code in the bank and, because they have it, will use it at some point for a video that captures their interest.

4. Analytics


After using all the tools, it’s time to track and see what works best for your audience. Luckily BlurBay has Analytics included. You can see the profile views and post views and how many times a certain post was purchased and how much it earned income. Analytics can be accessed here or from the menu.

The clicks are updated live, so you can refresh the analytics actively during a campaign to get live results.

Why Do Analytics Matter for Your Content

It’s all about seeing what works…and seeing what doesn’t.

None of these sales tools is a guaranteed winner with your audience. That’s a hard truth we’ve come to accept over the years. A video that doesn’t interest anybody in the first place isn’t suddenly going to become the most enticing piece of content ever because you slapped a lower price on it.

But, at the same time, the video’s content may be super enticing but the price attached to it is so high that prospects can’t justify the purchase.

You won’t know until you try the discount and check the analytics to see what (if any) impact it had.

How to Sell Course Online With BlurBay – Start With These Four Sales Tools

You have the tools.

Now, it’s up to you to get the most out of BlurBay. Experiment with these offers for your videos – keeping an eye on your analytics in the process – to start gathering data on what works and what doesn’t. Much of it will come down to your audience. Some respond well to FOMO, for instance. Others won’t, but they’ll love the control they get with a promo code much more.

You won’t know until you do one thing: Try out the tools yourself to see what works best!

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