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Skills to Learn in 2024

Skills to Learn in 2024

It’s not just the pace of work that’s changed in recent years, but the entire landscape of the working world. With the advent of AI and the growth of remote work, some jobs face obsolescence, and new opportunities are springing up to replace them. Online jobs are now more prevalent and lucrative.

The key to keeping yourself relevant and marketable is to arm yourself with the right skills.

In order to smartly upskill, you first need to look at the areas in demand. Whether it’s applying your skills in an office or through an online content sales site like BlurBay, this article will take you through the best skills to learn in 2024.

Why Learn New Skills?

Unfortunately, the current job market is defined by its instability. As technology advances, the industry is forced to shift along with it.

That includes you.

It’s vital to stay up-to-date with new trends in industry and technology and take the proactive steps to upskill yourself. Although many companies do this themselves with the use of seminars and training courses, they can’t be solely relied upon for your future success.

Since the future is naturally unpredictable, it’s impossible to tell (outside of broad trends and educated guesses) where exactly the working world is headed. The recent COVID-19 pandemic is proof of this. An ideal worker needs flexibility, versatility, and adaptability.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to brush up and vary your skills to provide the best possible value to potential employers and ultimately yourself.

Choose Your Valuable Skills to Learn

In 2024, the impact of AI on the job market becomes clearer every day. It’s moved from a chat room novelty to crucially important in software and design. Major companies, like Meta and Microsoft, have begun to implement AI into their core frameworks, to automate smaller tasks and improve overall efficiency.

For that reason, the skills you need to acquire must be transferable across a wide variety of jobs. Think of them as tools that can be applied in various situations. Companies are looking for employees who can provide the best Return on Investment (ROI) and your skillset will be a major boost to your employability.

Before considering which skills to learn, look at the following:

  • Your current skillset.
  • Your career aspirations and ideal working configuration.
  • Any past and present work experience.
  • How well a certain skill will play to your strengths and future goals.
  • Whether a skill is in demand in your current or desired job market.

With all these pointers in mind, let’s look at the best skills to learn for the year ahead.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Information is everything in the digital world. Data that can be properly parsed, analyzed, and effectively used to make informed decisions is worth more and more. The same goes for the people who can do it.

Data analysis is a versatile skill that requires you to effectively investigate, extract, model, and interpret complex sets of data. The better the analysis, the more valuable your position.

Data analysis isn’t solely restricted to the software and statistics industry. Almost all major companies rely on data trends to make their business decisions. When millions of dollars are at stake, you want to know you’re making the best decision possible based on the best analysis of the information at hand.

Upskilling yourself in data analysis should have you proficient in a variety of software tools, from familiar programs like Excel and Google Sheets, to more complex coding languages like Python.

Some examples of data analysis jobs include: data analyst, business analyst, data scientist, digital marketer, and product manager.

Online Education

The odds are that you’ve acquired some valuable skills during your time in the working world. You’ve also got your own experiences to share into the bargain. The odds are even better that someone online would pay to hear you talk about them.

Data Analysis

Online courses and education are a growing field, as internet speeds improve and quality learning becomes accessible outside of universities and colleges. You can package your expertise into a single video or an entire series, and earn from those who want what you have to offer.

Sites like BlurBay are an effective way to put your expertise out there without the need to master web design first. These platforms provide the hosting and the framework for your expertise, making it easy for customers to buy and for you to get paid.

Artificial Intelligence

Though AI has become an increasingly dominant tool in all industries since its introduction, it remains just that: a tool. The global AI industry is projected to add as much as $4.4 trillion in value to the global economy.

If you know how best to wield and direct AI, you’ll be much in demand. Despite its advanced capabilities, the AI industry is still quite young. By upskilling yourself early, you can grow alongside the industry.

There are no real hard and fast roles for AI. Successfully implementing machine learning means different things to different organizations. Software companies won’t need the same automation that finance might.

Web Development

It’s impossible to think of a company or organization that isn’t online in one form or another. While smaller businesses may be content with social media marketing, more and more medium to large-scale enterprises require an active website to meet their business needs.

Web development skills cater to every aspect of website design and maintenance. It takes a lot of effort not only to ensure the best user experience, but to keep things running smoothly and efficiently below the surface. From the front-end to the full stack, everything needs to run well.

There’s plenty of crossover between web developer roles and responsibilities. Smaller projects might have a larger burden placed on just one developer, while a larger website may test a developer’s skill in one area.

Thankfully, there are many ways to learn web development. Online courses, college degrees, and even the odd YouTube video can get you well on the way to proficiency.

Some examples of web development jobs include: SEO specialists, full stack developers, software engineer, and interface designer.

Project Management

Project Management

Project management is as old as industrialization itself. It was first implemented during the construction of the transcontinental railroad in the 1860s and emerged in its modern form in the 1960s. Every project needs some form of supervision to remain focused and within limitations.

Project managers coordinate and oversee all aspects of a project. They organize schedules, analyze budgets, motivate the workforce, and regularly meet to discuss and analyze progress. It not only requires leadership, but solid organization and good interpersonal skills.

The great thing about project management is that everybody needs someone who can do it, no matter the field. Be it advertising, software development, event management, or even sports teams, almost all organizations require some degree of supervision and management.

Some examples of project management jobs include: project coordinator, portfolio manager, and program manager.

Content Creation

Though many fear that AI will signal the death of content creation, the truth is that it still has a long way to go before that happens. Machine-made content is a pale imitation of words, images, content assembled by human hands. In fact, with the dearth of rote generated material flooding the internet, more brands than ever are looking for the human touch.

It takes a resourceful person to keep up with trends and find new perspectives on pressing issues.

Content creation can take many forms: be it an edited video, tailored social media posts, or well researched long-form articles. Company blogs, media houses, advertising agencies, and plenty of other organizations are on the lookout for creators who are proficient in editing software and have a keen eye for content that’ll set their brand apart.

Blue Collar Skills to Learn in 2024

Blue Collar Skills to Learn in 2024

While business and industry may drift more and more into the online sphere, the truth is that It will always require a steady stream of people to keep it grounded. While the scope of digital work may change from year to year, a blocked pipe or a short circuit will always be a pressing issue.

Since the pandemic, the demand for skilled blue-collar labor has been higher than ever. Don’t let the old stigma fool you, trade work is always sought after. Better still, it doesn’t need a college degree to be a viable career path.

See if any of your own skills and talents could be useful in the blue-collar sphere.

Share, Sell, and Market Your Skills

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